Empowering, Uplifting & Inspiring people from all walks of life to rise up and Own their DREAMS!

Short Summary

My name is Ona Brown and I have been speaking, coaching & providing corporate training nationally and internationally for over 20 years! I launched World Impact Now ~ W.I.N. in 1995 in order to transform lives daily and make the world a better place.

The goal of the “Own Your Dreams Tour” is to impact as many lives as possible on an empowerment road trip from Oakland, CA to Atlanta, GA. You may not have the time, skills and/or desire to climb into a vehicle for 16 days and pour directly into the hearts and minds of people across our great country on a day to day basis…however…your donation will allow us to make this happen together. All you have to do is make your donation, and that will afford me the opportunity to do what I was born to do and get the needed empowerment work done that our communities are starving for. I promise to represent you well! In this case…TEAMWORK…will definitely…make the DREAM WORK!

Why should I donate??

For the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of “owning my dreams” and making sure to leave my mark on this planet in a positive way. I have dedicated most of my adult life on this mission of making sure that people are aware that they too can “Own Their Dreams”!

World Impact Now has collectively helped thousands of individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs alike gain access to their inner power and bring out their very best selves. This is my life’s mission….and it is a continuation of a legacy that my Father, Mr. Les Brown (who was named one of the top 5 speakers in the world) started more than a quarter of a century ago.

In celebration of my 20th year in the self development industry, we have designed an epic cross country tour sharing the “Own Your Dreams” ideology and I would love to have your assistance in bringing this powerful campaign tour to even more people that are in need of hope and inspiration!
The events will start in Oakland California on March 27th and commence in Atlanta on April 11th. The success of this tour will be in part due to the funding that we raise because our intention is to make the majority, if not all of the events, absolutely free. We have been fortunate in past years on projects to have the support of people like yourself and we are hopeful that this tour will be no exception.

We are asking that you become one of the 2015 Own Your Dream Tour Supporters. As a supporter, you will receive positive media attention as well as brand recognition, awareness, commercials and the fulfillment of making a difference in the community with your hard earned dollars. Our priority will be to highlight the supporters of this tour with our supportive media outlets as well as attendees and patrons.

The $45,000.00 will be divided into (3) $15,000.00 objectives:
1) To cover the vehicle, hotels, food, gas and miscellaneous expenses~$15K
2) Invest financially into progressive businesses, youth programs & artist that we connect with along the journey~$15K
3) To plant financial seeds into the lives of exceptional students, leaders, single Moms & Dads, veterans, teachers, senior citizens, awesome waiters, homeless and random people who are in pursuit of their dreams~$15K

The Impact of Ona Brown…

Planting seeds of hope, power, inspiration, courage, commitment and love for individuals, families, churches and various organizations to Own their Dreams…in 2015…from Oakland, CA to Atlanta, GA (approximately 2,200 miles)!

You can Own Your Dreams with Ona Brown’s no-nonsense approach to delivering clear solutions for successful living. She also provides simple yet life altering guidance for people to escape from the ongoing daily demands and focus in on what is required in order to attain the next level of loving the life you have been given and capturing the magic of life’s unfolding moments!

The “Ona Brown Experience” provides thought provoking content, effective balancing tactics for our rapid culture, mind shifting/enriching stories and stress releasing humor that recharges and refuels an individual in the game of life. Ona Brown ~aka~ “The Dream Queen!” has helped to impact some of the largest organizations in the world including: Xerox, Coca Cola, BP Oil, Deloitte, Guardian Group, American Airlines, Chiro One, United Way, Women of Wealth Conference, Project Management Institute and National Association of African Americans in Human Resources…just to name a few!

Ms. Brown’s expertise also helped over 400 doctors to improve their communication skills in her intensive and interactive customized training called, “Finding Your Voice~How to Effectively Communicate with Anyone, Anytime at Anyplace.!” In addition, Ona has starred in the motivational films, Pass it On and The Compass Movie which was a follow-up to The Secret and has also been featured at the John Maxwell events on several occasions.

Possible Risks & Challenges

The risks and challenges that we may face is being able to raise enough funds in a seemingly short period of time to actually cover the expenses of the tour as well as the funds to sow seeds directly back into the community…in order to re-donate thousands of dollars along the way to help those up and coming ‘Dream Owners’ to continue to press forward.

In addition to the empowerment sessions we want to put funds into the hands of an awesome teacher who is desperately in need of additional school supplies or an entrepreneur who is in need of funds in order to reach more of his or her’s target market, increase profits and/or maintain sustainability in the midst of a challenging quarter…or even an elderly person who is simply in need of a new coat.

We are prepared to make the journey no matter what…because…there is no risk or challenge that is greater than the vision of transforming lives across the country and sowing seeds into various communities. Therefore, whatever challenges that we may possibly face…we will rise above them and ultimately overcome them…and be the message that we are bringing…bottom line!

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that some individuals may not currently be in a position to actually donate dollars…however they may be able to help us in other ways. Such as getting the word out about the tour, helping us to connect with various organizations and local media platforms as well as social media. Also, don’t forget that you may utilize the Indiegogo share tools to spread the good word of people who care and are working to make a difference in the lives of others.