Thank you for joining our awesome MASTERMIND GROUP!

Group Guidelines

  1. Each participant/member will invest time, energy & money…as well as maintain their highest commitment for the duration of their journey.
  2. Decisions for the group will be made by Dr. Brown or an appointed team lead…unless the floor is opened up for a vote.
  3. This group is not group therapy whining, complaining, gossiping, political views, religious beliefs nor sharing unsolicited opinions on another person’s reality will not be tolerated.
  4. If a member is more than 5 minutes late for a session…that member must sing a song for the group…and simple song will do…this little light of mine…happy birthday…abcdefg…
  5. Missing sessions can lead to termination of membership without refund…3 strikes and you are out.
  6. We will intro new members after they have attended 3 sessions successfully with assignments.
  7. How personal can we get?  That is totally up to you…we will ask for permission from you…offline is an option.  However, you are not allowed to speak into someone else’s life speak from I only…when the floor is opened questions…ask questions…that is not opportunity for unsolicited comments and/or random information.

******We must have a non-disclosure agreement signed by every participant*****

  1. We have a non competitive environment…we don’t one up each other…we don’t compete with each other…we complete each other.
  2. We ask that everyone maintain a commitment to honesty, integrity, trust & respect for all members.
  3. We ask that you be self aware & be intentional about be considerate of others time…no dominating the session or giving orders will be tolerated.
  4. Leave your ego in the bathroom to flushed…no room for it…in our ego/pride free environment.
  5. Be well rested and eat light prior to our session time…so that you are able to be 100% present, alert, in-tune and able to gain the most out of each session.